Upcoming public events for Metagov's various project groups and events

Recurring meetings

Metagov Seminar (bi-weekly)

Seminars on topics of internet and digital governance. [Zoom]

(Add our public working group calls to your Google calendar.)

Project meetings

Open Collective + Metagov Gateway + PolicyKit integration (weekly)

Project updates for work on a no-code interface for expense voting on Open Collective (overview). [Sign up]

DAOstar Community Call (bi-weekly)

Call alongside strike team updates for people interested in learning more about DAOstar and connecting to other working groups. [Sign up]

Working group meetings

Govbase Labs (weekly)

Updates, research presentations, and calls for contributors for projects produced using qualitative or quantitative data sets. [Join on Slack: #govbase-labs]

Metagov research directors (monthly, observation only)

Meeting of Metagov Research Directors to discuss coordination of research happening at Metagov. [Invite on Calendar]