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Join the Metagov Community

Metagov is a community of research and practice gathered around our mission to cultivate tools, practices, and communities that enable self-governance in the digital age.

Fill out our survey and you will receive information about joining our Slack and one of our upcoming community orientations.

Information submitted through the survey will help us to get to know you and our research community better, as well as give you a general overview of Metagov.

Please note that messages in public channels in our Slack are publicly available akin to posts on a public platform such as Mastodon and may be referenced in our newsletters or made available in public exports. Please review our data policy for more information.

Metagov Slack

Our community primarily convenes online in the Metagov Slack. We use the Slack to coordinate Metagov projects, discuss recent research in online governance, plan and participate in seminars, convene governance experiments, collaborate with other organizations, and advance research outputs, all guided by our code of conduct.

Invitations to the Slack are sent after completing the survey.


We conduct regular community orientations. These orientations give new community participants an opportunity to meet each other, ask questions about Metagov or the community, and connect with community peers.

Invitations to these meetings will be sent to the email you submit with you survey.

Attendance at the onboarding meeting is encouraged but not mandatory.

Community directory

You will have an option towards the end of the survey to give Metagov permission to bridge parts of your submission to our public community directory.

Additional resources

We maintain a repository of resources specifically for the Metagov community on our PubPub. It includes guides for participating in the community, research resources, governance documents, and our FAQ. Browse in the iframe below, or visit the site directly.